• Image of Dancing Shadows drawing print (3)
  • Image of Dancing Shadows drawing print (3)
  • Image of Dancing Shadows drawing print (3)

Limited edition, museum quality print on archival paper

This is one of the three first prints of a growing series, whose first 12 images were seen on this immersive installation here: www.chapelofdancingshadows.com

• Edition of 50
• Paper size 20 x 30 inches  
• Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist
• 300 gsm Entrada Natural Archival Cotton Rag paper 

Prints are unframed. They ship within a week of purchase; please write if you need to rush the order.

"As a child, I doodled. As an adult, the images have evolved into a complex universe in their own right-- a surreal, yet classically inspired world of fantasy, illusion, spatial bending, and mythology. The images are meanderings through the labyrinths of the subconscious. They gesture at a creation myth of an invented civilization, at the beauty and aesthetic of pattern making in the human mind--both visual and literary. The three plates above are particularly dear to me. As this body of work evolves, the images find new outlets, new homes, new media to participate in. Making their debut as the walls of an immersive installation (The Chapel of Dancing Shadows), they are now available to enjoy in a smaller, more intimate form, closer to their original size."